Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Hi, Welcome new supporters!

 Hi, Welcome new supporters!

First of all I'd like to say thanks for visiting My blog, and giving me a reason to do this again!

Second all these Ads, annoy Me just as much or more than You!
They will not remain here, but I will have some here that are more tailored to useful items, as these are basically auto-generated by Google's API. I'll soon be making a post on My computer repair blog/FB page about how to do this. So I suggest subscribing or checking back to see the new post, as it's not only hiding ads from view but give a slight boost to your computer safety as well.

Some of My many YouTube channels and so featured ones from locals, some may be enabled to get featured here, contact Me on FB

Don't buy anything featured in an Ad, they are NOT vetted by Me.
Just click one or so and close them down. Unless your here on My site(s) You should take care to have some sort of default security enabled, I'll also cover this in another post.

Anyone that has clicked them, message Me on FB and I'll help You make Your own site/blog and help set it up using split profits, all documented on googles own main site/biz account AdSense. You can of course do this Yourself, but without My help, but I have 25yr+ exp in this field, I work online 18hrs/day 24/7. You not only leave Your site at risk, but others viewing it. Far cheaper to use my free service? lol MSG Me the comment AdSense if you want in, MSG Mr.NiceHash if you want to learn crypto ;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

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